Unlocking Development Opportunities
Pushing the Frontier of Climate, Development and Economic Transformation in Africa.
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Identifying, Unlocking and Supporting Climate Development Opportunities in Africa

By layering climate expertise on traditional developmental questions, we support and amplify the voice and agency of an independent and multi-disciplinary African-led climate and development movement.

Developing, Supporting, Elevating and Catalysing Climate Action in Africa.

We unlock and support development opportunities in climate action in Africa. We accomplish this through a combination of grant making,  research, technical assistance, coalition building and targeted advocacy, as well as multi-stakeholder convenings.

Climate Development Expertise

Climate change responses require a whole of economy approach. We work in and across sectors that are key to unlocking long-term inclusive growth and development in Africa:

Climate Action Focus Areas

Working in silos will not bring about the change Africa needs, our work also responds to the enabling environment needed to translate climate ambition into tangible low carbon development pathways:

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