History has taught us that major crises create opportunities for accelerating social, economic and political change.

Evolving global dynamics - from the climate crisis to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic - have exposed a lack of resilience in the fundamentals of life (water, food, health, energy and so on) and the urgency to reimagine our common future as Africa and Europe. It is time to build a new foundation for Africa-Europe relations.

The establishment of the Africa Europe Foundation takes place against this historic backdrop. The founding consortium of partners recognise that the moment presents a unique opportunity to accelerate and integrate shared efforts to open a new chapter of the Africa-Europe partnership:

Enlarge the Africa Europe partnership to new and diverse actors by building an inclusive and multi-stakeholder “platform of platforms” and focusing on younger generations;
Drive fresh policy thinking and programming as an observatory of pioneering practices and by leveraging strategic foresight at the nexus of development, climate and global challenges;
Unlock opportunities and new avenues for development by acting as a partnership incubator for catalytic initiatives and joint projects in priority sectors of the Africa-Europe cooperation;
Reframe and reinforce the Africa-EU partnership within the international arena.

The Africa Europe Foundation is a consortium founded by a leading European think-tank, Friends of Europe, and a leading African Foundation, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, in partnership with the first Africa-led strategic climate change grant-making foundation, The African Climate Foundation and ONE Campaign, a global movement and international not-for-profit organisation that fights extreme poverty and preventable diseases. 
The Foundation’s work is driven by the High-Level Group of Personalities and Strategy Groups in priority areas of cooperation: Health, Digital, Transport, Agriculture and Energy, with cross-cutting themes on Climate Change; Youth; Gender; Education; Mobility; Involvement of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES); and Governance.  Read here an opinion piece by Paul Walton (FoE) and Saliem Fakir (ACF) outlining why this is an opportune time for an Africa Europe Climate Alliance.

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