NRDC Report Launch Webinar: Scaling China’s Green Energy Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa

The ACF in partnership with Institute for Development Studies China Centre and The Open University hosted a webinar to launch a report commissioned by the NRDC on Scaling China’s Green Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and Prospects.

The Africa Renewable Energy Dialogue

In partnership with the African Climate Foundation, Dalberg and UN Economic Commission for Africa, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the UN High-level Climate Action Champions co-hosted The Africa Renewable Energy Dialogue. The event took place virtually on 26 July 2021.

This Dialogue raised the ambition to accelerate the delivery of distributed renewable energy to the last mile in Africa. Policy makers, investors as well as the Rockefeller Foundation, explored the opportunities and enablers needed to reach consumers and producers in the last mile and achieve a leap forward to renewable energy for all. Speakers covered the case for livelihoods, investment and the bankable demand for on- and off-grid renewable energy solutions, as well as pointing out what remains to be done. The discussion fed into an anticipated implementation lab on distributed renewable energy at the Africa Climate Week in September 2021.

A Clean Covid-19 Recovery: The South African Opportunity

Never has the role of clean energy been more pivotal to economic and societal transformation. Thus, the African Climate Foundation were delighted to host a discussion on 27 July 2021 based on the EY Parthenon study titled, A Clean COVID-19 Recovery: The South African Opportunity. This report, commissioned by the European Climate Foundation and compiled by EY-Parthenon, the global strategy brand of EY, takes a view of a list of 13,000 real, sustainable, shovel-ready renewable energy projects identified in 46 countries. In South Africa, 184 real and sustainable renewable energy projects have been identified.

This session was moderated by the African Climate Foundation's executive director, Saliem Fakir and a presentation on the EY-Parthenon study was given by Paul O’ Flaherty CEO from EY.

Unlocking Viable Economic Investments for an African New Deal

In collaboration with the Climate Bonds Initiative and with the support of Agora, the ACF hosted a webinar to launch the “Green Bonds in South Africa: How Green Bonds Can Support South Africa’s Energy Transition” report on 10 August 2021.

The webinar enabled key market participants to engage in conversations with energy sector experts, policymakers, investors and thought leaders in the renewable energy space, and covered key topics on energy transition, the role of green finance, and included case study presentations to inform a wider climate finance agenda for South Africa.

Futureproofing Philanthropy against Climate Change – A Dynamic Conversation on Context-Specific Philanthropic Initiatives

Futureproofing Philanthropy against Climate Change – A Dynamic Conversation on Context-Specific Philanthropic Initiatives

The Independent Philanthropy Association of South Africa, in partnership with the The African Climate Foundation and the Lewis Foundation, recently hosted a three-part webinar series, ‘Futureproofing Philanthropy Against Climate Change: How the Climate Crisis Intersects with Your Giving’.

The first webinar unpacked the social, political, economic, and environmental impacts of climate change on all sectors in the development space. In his opening remarks, Executive Director Saliem Fakir emphasised the urgency of integrating a climate lens across all philanthropic initiatives in South Africa. He underlined the importance of being solution-oriented and integrating climate issues in an innovative manner in philanthropy portfolios: “Philanthropies can move flexibly, can experiment and be a laboratory for new ideas.”

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LCAW: The Economics of Climate Equity and the Future of Oil and Gas in Africa

As part of London Climate Action Week, the African Climate Foundation hosted a webinar titled The Economics of Climate Equity and the Future of Oil and Gas in Africa. Our distinguished panel of speakers unpacked alternative pathways for Africa’s transition towards net-zero, what this means for the future of African economies and responses at the nexus of climate and development that have the most value to unlock economic transformation on the continent.

The African Climate Foundation's objective is to inform ongoing debates around a just energy transition in Africa, by surfacing Pan-African perspectives that will inform key policy proposals to strategically positions the continent as a low-carbon investment destination, maximise equity and advances economic transformation to enable African economies to deliver on sustainable development priorities.

This webinar therefore served as a platform to amplify Global-South voices and build solidarity for more integrated and coordinated responses to climate change on the continent. Furthermore, it allowed Africans to navigate and attempt to overcome hurdles to the continent’s ambitions towards the achievement of net-zero targets.