COP: Raising African Ambition and Agency

United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties

We recognise that the United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP) has the potential to allow Africa to be at the forefront of the international climate change negotiations. 

For us, COP serves as a critical platform to shift the narrative of the climate transition in Africa – from one of risk to a constructive narrative around opportunities. Our ambition is to strengthen and support efforts toward the development of Africa’s decarbonisation and climate resilience pathways as part of unlocking Africa’s economic transformation and long-term inclusive growth and development.

We believe that climate change issues cannot be addressed in isolation but must be located within the broader developmental framework. Our African agenda is shaped not only around climate priorities, but also about building a future Africa that is economically transformed. Ultimately, address the climate crisis from multiple angles.

As a Foundation, we seek to enrich the COP by building momentum and solidarity among relevant actors to promote a more coordinated and complementary African agenda and ambition. 

As always, we look beyond the COP and use the global platform as an instrument to catalyse long-term climate resilient outcomes and investments in Africa in critical economic sectors. Our support to our partners and grantees aims to:

  • Profile, develop and entrench new development and climate justice focused narratives and approaches to advocacy, engagement and diplomacy which can inform more ambitious, coordinated and contextually relevant climate action, both within and outside the Paris Agreement.
  • Support mobilisation around a common and coordinated African climate and development agenda.
  • Elevate Africa’s ambition and role in the fight against climate change, and global cooperation and associated finance needed to realise this.
  • Provide technical assistance to African institutions and African governments.
  • Catalyse long-term investments in the African climate and development project.

Visit our Resource Library – profiling, supporting and elevating African voices and organisations in the climate and development debate.

Join us for the following COP28 side events:

MoU signing Ceremony: National Council on Climate Change and the African Climate Foundation

The Nigerian Climate Change Fund Roadmap

The Role of Philanthropy in Supporting Climate Action in Nigeria

Safeguarding the “Just” in Just Energy Transition Partnerships

Critical Minerals, Just Energy Transitions and Climate Change

Private Sector Standards and Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETPs)

Tax, Debt and Climate Justice: Reimagining Alternative Financing for Sustainable Development in Africa

Realising Transformative Adaptation

Powering World-Class African Analysis for the Energy Transition: A Global Imperative The African Energy Futures Initiative

Shaping New Narratives for a New Economy in South Africa: Presenting our New Economy Hub


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Attend ACF’s facilitated African multi-stakeholder climate change dialogues, which feed into the broader COP27 dialogue and negotiation process.

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The ACF’s roadmap to COP is informed by its perspective of not seeing COP27 as an end in itself, but as an important platform to demonstrate…

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