Spotlight on the ACF and Partners

Spotlight on the ACF and Partners

Our Support for the Just Transition Process in South Africa

The ACF has been supporting the establishment and operalisation of the Presidential Climate Commission (PCC). As part of its mandate, the PCC is tasked with developing a framework for a just transition. The framework will serve as a practical guide outlining a spectrum of policy pathways for a climate transition for all parts of society in South Africa, ensuring that the transition to a low-emissions economy and climate resilient society is properly managed, just, and equitable, particularly for the poor, vulnerable, and marginalised.

Defining South Africa’s Development Pathways

The ACF supported the National Business Initiative (NBI) for a project titled the Just Transition Pathways and Green Stimulus in South Africa (download the report here). The project centres on developing business perspectives on evidence-based net-zero carbon pathways for South Africa by 2050 for the most important sectors in the South African economy. The project is being carried out in consultation and with the support of corporate South Africa (in addition to government and civil society stakeholders, including labour). This work includes a strong just transition component, with extensive consideration being given to the socio-economic implications of South Africa’s development pathways

Amplifying Youth Voice - UNFCCC Conference of Youth (COY16)

The 16th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY16) is scheduled to take place in Glasgow on 28-31 October 2021. This event is under the banner of YOUNGO – the official youth constituency of the UNFCCC. The COY is the official youth precursor event of COP. The COY16 also serves as space for capacity building and policy training to prepare young people for their participation at COP. This year, the ACF is sponsoring the participation of the South African youth delegation. We are committed to supporting platforms of engagement for youth voices. Our view is that efforts to raise the profile of youth leadership should focus on bringing the youth to key political decision-making platforms to ensure their inclusion in setting the agenda for COP27 in Africa.

Strengthening the Africa-Europe Partnership

The ACF is partnering with the Africa Policy Research Institute (APRI) to deliver key policy pieces around the Africa-Europe partnership. Together we are launching an article series titled From Rio 1992 to COP26: Africa’s Climate Journey and the Road Ahead. APRI is an independent and nonpartisan African think tank. It researches key policy issues affecting African countries and the African continent. APRI aims to provide insights to the German and European Union policy making process on Africa. In addition, APRI aims to provide policy options to African policymakers and civil society actors. For more on the APRI & Carnegie Endowment report analysing the implications of the EU Green Deal for Africa, download the report here.

Strengthening the Africa-Europe Partnership

The Africa-Europe Foundation (AEF) is a consortium founded by a leading European think tank, Friends of Europe, and a leading African Foundation, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, in partnership with the first Africa-led strategic climate change grant-making foundation, African Climate Foundation and One Campaign. The AEF is engaging with a host of diverse voices from youth leaders, its network, partners, and key stakeholder from both continents on the long-term vision to shape a common pathway by 2030. Looking at the diverging and converging issues at the heart of this established cooperation, the Africa Europe Foundation’s goal is to facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue, catalyse partnerships and unlock new opportunities that can transform Africa-Europe relations into action. Join the AEF’s exciting platform Debating Africa for the latest updates on ongoing debates on the intricacies of climate change, development, and geopolitics.

Raising Africa’s AmbitionAllied for Climate Transformation by 2025 (ACT2025)

ACT2025 is a consortium that convenes key stakeholders to discuss, identify and guide ambitious outcomes at UN climate negotiations. The ACF and ACT2025 share common values and a common interest in supporting African countries to build climate resilience and deliver long-term sustainable and equitable development. The ACF endorsed the Allied for Climate Transformation by 2025 (ACT2025) initiative. To engage ACT2025’s work, visit their website to read the Alliance Statement and launch article, and podcast series.

South Africa and the G7: Rethinking climate diplomacy

The ACF partnered with the South African Institute for International Affairs to convene a series of dialogues that sought to support the integration of climate diplomacy into South Africa’s broader foreign policy agenda, focusing on how South Africa can strategically utilise international platforms and processes in pursuit of its climate diplomacy goals. The discussions centred on the recent G7 Summit (see related opinion piece and newsroom interviews), as well as events and negotiations, thereafter, including the G20 Summit in October.

Financing South Africa’s Just Transition

Meridian Economics is a specialised energy and climate economics consultancy and think tank. The ACF supported Meridian Economics’ work on the just energy transition transaction (JETT). We recognise that Meridian Economics’ work has been very influential in the development of the JETT and see their work as pivotal. Meridian Economics has worked closely with Eskom and other technical specialists in modelling and developing JETT within Eskom and engaging stakeholders. In September, Meridian Economics launched a document on the Just Transition Transaction (JTT) concept that has received a lot of attention (download the report here).

We are proud to be part of a network of philanthropies. The ACF is grateful for the generous support of our funding partners.