Food Systems Transformation in Africa | Part 2

Food markets across the continent are failing African consumers, with malnutrition and broader food insecurity on the continent growing. Production and trading of key food commodities are highly concentrated within and across African countries. At consumer level, the ‘supermarketisation’ of food retail is shaping household choices through packaging, marketing, promotions and positioning on shelves. The […]

Food Systems Transformation in Africa | Part 1

The African Climate Foundation in partnership with the Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development hosted a two-part food systems webinar. In the first session, the links between high food prices and climate change were explored. Food security remains one of the most significant challenges facing African people. This year, world food prices hit record […]

Towards an African Green Industries Value Chain within the AfCFTA

Regional integration has long been seen as a critical means of creating the scale required to underpin deep structural transformation in Africa. In the context of transitioning to low-carbon economies, the AfCFTA has the potential to support a continental green industrialisation agenda. This requires greater synthesis between programmes and projects seeking to promote climate resilience […]