Fellowships to inspire climate development in Africa

The African Climate Foundation Fellowship (ACFF) supports mid-career professionals, practitioners, and academics from Africa, working at the climate change and development nexus, to serve in placements in regional, national and academic institutions, as well as leading African NGOs and think tanks.

African Climate Foundation Fellows contribute to strengthening institutional thinking and policy development and/or African scholarship and research so as to support evidence-based responses and policies to inform responses to climate change, economic development and economic diversification in Africa. 

The ACFF aims to:


Understand, and respond, to the needs of African institutions and governments in respect of capacity and expertise relating to climate change and development issues on the continent.


Support African institutions to engage with a range of issues that require technical expertise, and which will influence the continent’s transition and development trajectory. Through engaging the right bodies and individuals on the continent, there is potential to support processes and policy developments, and ensure they informed by robust technical evidence, that will guide development agendas, that will find traction in key institutions.


Support the building of local capacity in the long-term and provide immediate gap-filling in the short-term.


Build an African community of practice and network of African experts in climate change and development whose work is based in and informed by an intimate and full understanding of the African context (political, economic and local).