Opening philanthropic opportunities for climate action in Africa

Inclusivity, justice and rights will never be realised on the continent unless there is an adequate response to the threats that climate change poses to Africa’s economic systems and its development pathways.

Our Funders

Philanthropic support to climate change mitigation represented less than 2% of total philanthropic support in 2020. Of this 2%, less than 3% was disbursed in Africa.

For the continent most vulnerable to climate change impacts and least capacitated to mitigate and adapt to these impacts, this support falls woefully short. The philanthropic community has a critical role to play not only in helping to fill the finance gap left by developed economies but also in helping to shape a new narrative around climate and development through its investments.

We provide a mechanism through which philanthropies can contribute to Africa’s efforts to address climate change. We work closely with philanthropic organizations to identify strategic opportunities to support adaptation, resilience and mitigation initiatives on the continent and to unlock new opportunities for sustainable development in Africa.

We are grateful to our funders and partners for their generous support.