Supporting African Organisations in Climate Transformation

We support organisations that focus on the African continent and identify opportunities to support adaptation, resilience, and mitigation initiatives on the continent.

Hilly green African landscape with small farm that needs climate grant funding to be sustainable

grant making practices

Our ability to deliver impactful programming across our portfolios depends on strong partnerships with a broad range of stakeholders across a range of sectors and geographies. We support a diverse range of organisations and institutions that form part of an enabling African ecosystem for tackling the climate and development nexus. Our grant-making connects diverse players and skill sets and we value collaboration and innovation.

The ACF’s grant-making approach is to focus on strategic outcomes/impacts. Collaboration, innovation and engagement underpin our grant-making. Before we issue grants:

  • Potential gaps are explored, stakeholders are identified, introduced and consulted with
  • We stress-test the relevance and value of our support to the field and ecosystem at large
  • We engage with technical and regional experts, NGOs, think tanks, donors and academia
  • Host multi-disciplinary roundtables and convenings

This process culminates in the co-creation of range of projects. All grants are approved by the ACF Board in Trustees in consultation with the ACF Advisory Council.

The ACF’s grant life cycle:

We do not currently accept unsolicited applications. Please follow us on social media for calls for proposals.

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