Complex Climate Problems Require Innovative African Solutions

The African Climate Foundation, established in 2020, is the first African-led strategic grant-maker working at the nexus of climate change and development.

African forest with body of water in lush green landscape

Driving Climate Development in Africa

Despite contributing the least to climate change, Africa remains the most vulnerable region in the world to climate change, impacting countries across the continent, undermining food security, threatening livelihoods, and displacing people groups. The African response to climate change must be uniquely African.

The transformation of African economies requires impact at a systems level to shift existing and future path dependencies at a national, regional and international level and across key economic sectors. We believe that climate change interventions have immense potential to unlock new opportunities for development in Africa.

To realise this potential we need to rethink development framing in three ways:

  • Climate change cannot continue to be viewed separately from questions of
    development, or as a hindrance to African development.
  • Climate change needs to be brought to the forefront of development thinking and planning in Africa.
  • Interventions need to be context specific and informed and guided by a thorough political economy understanding of the factors that actually drive meaningful change.

Strategic Framework

For an overview of our theoretical framing, our body of work, our objectives and our approach to delivering impact, view our strategic framework.