Event was held:

Adaptation and Resilience in South Africa’s Just Transition

The urban environment, from small towns to large metros are the theatres of operation of the transition to a low carbon economy. While mitigation measures especially those associated with the energy transition are very important, the reality of living in an already changed climate on the back of the 1.2oC increase in temperature compared to pre-industrial levels (IPCC AR6 WGII Report) talks to the need for immediate responses. The net result of the current temperature increase is that a large number of cities and towns are already bearing the brunt of extreme weather events – either in the form of heatwaves, high energy storms, floods, drought episodes and wildfires.

Climate Adaptation has become the paramount intervention needed to reduce potential disaster risk, and increase the Climate Resilience capability of the urban environment. The event will discuss the emerging phenomenon and appropriate adaptation measures that will facilitate a mitigated Climate Risk in the urban environment. Case studies examples will be encouraged as illustrations of the core concepts of Urban Adaptation toward Climate resilient towns and cities in a Just Urban Transition paradigm.

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