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Just Energy Transitions and Natural Gas in Africa

Africa is increasingly being viewed as an important player in the natural gas sector, with over 40 percent of global gas discoveries between 2011 and 2018 made on the continent. Mozambique and Tanzania alone accounted for 24 percent of global discoveries over this period. For mature LNG producers, like Algeria, Nigeria and Egypt, gas represents a significant source of foreign revenue and an important resource to meet growing domestic energy needs. Other countries in the exploratory or infrastructure development phase of gas extraction, processing, export and utilisation see gas as an opportunity to deliver energy security and support economic development.

For African countries, there is no question that decisions about their future energy mix and industrialisation and growth strategies must prioritise the broader socio-economic development needs of their people. Given the historic and continued contribution of developed countries to GHG emissions, the onus must be on them to rapidly mitigate emissions. But in prioritising their socioeconomic needs, African countries cannot lose sight of the global transition currently underway and the inevitable implications that this will have on the sustainability of their investments.

It is against this background the related report has been prepared by the African Climate Foundation and during this webinar, speakers will unpack the report’s purpose and key takeaways.

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