LCAW: The Economics of Climate Equity and the Future of Oil and Gas in Africa

As part of London Climate Action Week, the African Climate Foundation hosted a webinar titled The Economics of Climate Equity and the Future of Oil and Gas in Africa. Our distinguished panel of speakers unpacked alternative pathways for Africa’s transition towards net-zero, what this means for the future of African economies and responses at the nexus of climate and development that have the most value to unlock economic transformation on the continent.

The African Climate Foundation’s objective is to inform ongoing debates around a just energy transition in Africa, by surfacing Pan-African perspectives that will inform key policy proposals to strategically positions the continent as a low-carbon investment destination, maximise equity and advances economic transformation to enable African economies to deliver on sustainable development priorities.

This webinar therefore served as a platform to amplify Global-South voices and build solidarity for more integrated and coordinated responses to climate change on the continent. Furthermore, it allowed Africans to navigate and attempt to overcome hurdles to the continent’s ambitions towards the achievement of net-zero targets.


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