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Making the JET-P Model Work: A South-South Dialogue

Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JET-Ps) are a powerful tool to enable political alignment, and broad agreements; it demonstrates that North-South collaboration is required for meaningful progress on climate action. JET-P’s represents a novel attempt to support the energy transition in emerging economies – aiming to accelerate the phaseout of coal-fired and fossil-fuel power generation by incentivising the flow of clean energy investments while addressing related social concerns, such as job displacement.

Organised by the Rockefeller Foundation, Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet and the African Climate Foundation, the discussion builds on a successful south-south exchange in Cape Town (led by the African Climate Foundation) by bringing together a group of government leaders from critical energy transition countries including Indonesia, South Africa, and Colombia.

While JET-P’s entail a significant financial contribution to climate aims, its real benefit lies in the transformational energy sector reforms the government must enact to amplify its funding. Therefore, this event will provide a platform for countries to explain their climate and energy transition priorities, particularly focused on how stakeholders and supporters can be of service in achieving said goals. It will furthermore provide a blueprint of lessons learned and best practices for other countries who are considering adopting a JET-P.

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