February 6, 2023

Taking the JETP Path: Pushing for Change

As different JETPs are happening concurrently, and so too are the negotiations with international partners, lessons need to be shared to support these country led processes. In order to assist with this knowledge exchange, a closed-door conference, hosted by the African Climate Foundation (ACF) together with South Africa’s Presidential Climate Commission (PCC) and Presidential Climate Finance Task Team (PCFTT), was held in 2022. It brought together close to 100 representatives from 12 countries and 17 philanthropies.

While much of the focus was on South Africa’s experience, other countries currently negotiating JETPs provided inputs and shared their ambitions and challenges. Panels included representatives from Indonesia, India, Senegal, the UK, the Philippines and Nigeria. Delegates were also drawn from Vietnam, the USA, Brazil and other countries. Topics ranged from the nature of just transitions in the Global South and how to enable them; to financing and technical aspects of JETPs; strengthening governance and operationalising JETPs; how to support the enabling socio-economic investments in coal-mining areas, as well as lessons from South Africa’s case for the international community.

This report captures several key learnings from the event to support further knowledge-sharing. It also indicates areas where more engagement is required, and gaps and opportunities exist.

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