The ACF Signs Landmark MOU Supporting Namibia’s Green Hydrogen Programme   

The African Climate Foundation (ACF) announces strategic partnership with Namibian Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for supporting Namibia’s Green Hydrogen Programme. 

The ACF announces its support for the Namibian Green Hydrogen Programme through a landmark MOU with the Namibian EIF, enabling continued support for the programme to achieve its mandate and promote industrialisation through the development of various green hydrogen derivatives. This support comes after the success of two previous collaborative initiatives that established a strong financial and socio-economic argument for the development of hydrogen derivatives in the country (more information here) and the establishment of the Namibian Implementation Authority Office. 

The MOU marks the continuation of a collaborative partnership between the ACF and the Namibian Green Hydrogen Programme, underlining a mutual commitment to the development of clean fuel sources, and sustainable green industrialisation pathways.  

The primary areas of focus under this MOU include technical assistance and implementation support in the areas of – sustainable finance, green hydrogen, PtX derivatives (Power-to-Chemicals), and green industrialisation. 

Through our financial assistance and technical expertise, the ACF will contribute to the realisation of Namibia’s vision – positioning itself as a key player in the global green hydrogen sector and achieving its target production of 10-12 million tonnes per annum hydrogen equivalent by 2050. Through this partnership, we look forward to working with the Namibian government to ensure environmental and socio-economic guardrails of the highest standards are put in place,” says Sahele Fekede, the ACF’s Energy Access and Transitions Programme Manager.  

The ACF, Namibian Green Hydrogen Programme, and the Namibian EIF look forward to a successful collaboration that will continue to drive investment and development of the National Namibian Green Hydrogen Strategy.  

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