African Food Systems Transformation Collective

With countries across the continent facing increased economic and climate stresses, urgent measures are needed to build greater adaptative capacity and resilience into Africa’s food systems. We believe that philanthropy has a catalytic role to play in supporting these interventions and improving the sustainability of Africa’s food systems. However, to do so it will need […]

‘Supermarketisation’ of African Food Systems: Implications and Responses

Supermarkets are a growing route to market for fresh and processed foods in many countries in Africa and are integral to food security for the continent in several ways. They increasingly act as ‘gatekeepers’ to end-consumers in food value chains, shaping the development and upgrading path of food growers and processors. This makes them a […]

High Food Prices in Africa: Causes, Consequences and Agenda for Action

The high food prices across Africa are the outcomes of broken food markets which fail to address the impacts of climate change and deliver increasingly unhealthy results for households and communities. Countries face a ‘double burden of malnutrition’, that is, high levels of obesity alongside stunting and wasting (Reardon et al., 2021). Food is expensive […]

From Climate Risk to Resilience

Extensive work on adaptation, nationally, regionally and internationally (and across sectors) is being done and the climate and development imperative is well understood and endorsed. However, a chronic funding and implementation deficit persists. Africa needs a better “action” scenario that supports climate and economic resilience. This underscores the need for a more action-oriented approach to […]

Food Systems Transformation in Africa | Part 1

The African Climate Foundation in partnership with the Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development hosted a two-part food systems webinar. In the first session, the links between high food prices and climate change were explored. Food security remains one of the most significant challenges facing African people. This year, world food prices hit record […]