Geopolitics and Climate Diplomacy

Climate change is a global issue and its solution is multilateral. Climate action is inevitably shaped by how the international climate regime is designed and by how geopolitics shapes it.
Congressional facility in which topics like climate change have been discussed

Supporting Intra-African Coordination on Climate-related Negotiations and Engaging Internationally to Secure a Fair International Climate Regime

A multilateral climate regime that guarantees both climate action and climate justice for Africa is a key principle in the ACF’s work. We aim to contribute to shaping such an outcome through different engagement avenues. We provide support to negotiations, in regional or multilateral fora and bilateral settings. We fund the production of context-relevant policy knowledge and data. We also provide grants to campaigns around key moments and key issues.

Our Intra-African Focus

Our approach is twofold. It focuses both on supporting intra-African coordination on climate-related negotiations and engaging internationally to secure a fair international climate regime. Within Africa, the ACF supports regional institutions and regional initiatives. Internationally, the ACF’s geopolitics strategy focuses on Africa’s two main partners: China and the European Union with our teams and grantees active and present in both regions. The ACF focuses on the following themes: climate financing, climate-related trade and investment policy including technology transfer, and governance and accountability. Through our thematic work, notably on climate financing, we also focuses on multilateral institutions, including multilateral banks.

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