Resilient Urban Environments

Cities and towns throughout Africa are projected to be home to half of Africa’s population by 2050.
Intersection in African urban centre with lots of pedestrians holding umbrellas on the sidewalk

Renewing Urban Landscapes in Sustainable Ways

At present, financial and capacity constraints are resulting in urban decay and sprawl in many of Africa’s cities. This is impacting the sustainability of these cities and inhabitants’ quality of life. Renewing urban landscapes in sustainable ways by, for example, deploying clean technology solutions, has the potential to unlock new economic opportunities, reduce existing infrastructure deficits and improve the conditions of citizens.

Our programme activities include:

Evidence-based narrative building:

Supporting localised data and driving
evidence-based narratives around socio-economic benefits of clean energy;
supporting strategy development and coordination; delivering actionable
implementation plans.


Providing targeted technical and institutional support to governments,
national and regional bodies.

Mobilisation and advocacy:

Coordinating multiple actors, including civil society organisations, around clean energy opportunities and just transitions.

Coordinating philanthropic network:

Supporting the development of coordinated strategies by the philanthropic community.

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