Facilitating Evidence-Based African Climate action

A principal objective of the ACF’s research is to support and contribute to a local and multi-disciplinary evidence base on climate change and development in Africa.

Research Objectives

Despite being one of the most vulnerable regions in the world to climate change, funding support for research on climate change in Africa and for African researchers is dismal. The IPCC WG II Sixth Assessment report notes that between 1990 and 2020 only 3.8% of funding globally for research on climate change went to research on Africa and of that 3.8% for research on Africa, 78% of the funding went to research institutes in Europe or north America.

If we are to address Africa’s development needs and protect against climate change, this picture needs to urgently change. Local researchers, with their deep contextual knowledge of the complexities and opportunities need to be at the forefront of building the evidence base around climate change and development in Africa.

The ACF through its grant-making, internal research and the commissioning of work seeks to support this local evidence base. It also endeavors to create and link networks with diverse expertise to enable a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to climate change and development on the continent.

Other objectives:

combine on a field harvesting crops and a truck next to the field waiting to transport the harvest

Supporting young researchers through fellowships, mentoring and internships

green fields with a road between them viewed from the top

Easy to use and understand research outputs that can convey complex information to multiple users irrespective of expertise

golden crop fields viewed from above

Elevating African researchers and research on global platforms

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