The African Climate Foundation’s (ACF) Strategic Framework is the outcome of extensive research and engagement undertaken by our team over the course of a year. It has been informed and shaped by the knowledge and experience of a network of African scholars, practitioners, decision makers and activists of which the ACF is a part. The Framework has been designed as a living document. While it captures our current thinking and approach to climate change and development in Africa, it is expected to evolve over time. The Framework has also been designed as a directional document. It provides an overview of our theoretical framing, our body of work, our objectives and our approach to delivering impact. More detailed strategies for each of our sectoral focus areas have been developed which both inform and are informed by the Framework.

Climate change interventions have immense potential to unlock new development pathways on the African continent. To realise this potential, climate change needs to be brought to the forefront of development thinking and planning in Africa. Carving out new pathways – at the nexus of climate change and development – also creates a unique opportunity for African countries to redefine what we mean by development, what we prioritise in our developmental agendas, and how we measure progress towards it.

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