Operating Across the African Continent

Our geographical focus is determined on an evolving basis through evidence-based assessments of the climate development opportunities and challenges that exist.

We operate from different parts of the continent

The African Climate Foundation (ACF) is an African-based organisation. Our headquarters are in Cape Town, South Africa with teams operating in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal. We also have African staff based outside of Africa, working on climate diplomacy and geopolitics.

The ACF’s areas of action are continuously evolving and being evaluated based on assessments of the climate action opportunities and challenges that are encountered across Africa and are based on real-world evidence.

Decisions are made in line with our objectives at three levels:

Trends and patterns at the continental level

Trends and patterns at the regional level

Country-specific trends and patterns

Pivot Countries Impacting Sub-Regional Climates

We have identified pivot countries that will involve in-country work (across one or more of the ACF’s programmes) and serve as entry points into sub-regional work. The ACF’s pivot countries currently include South Africa, Senegal, Nigeria, Egypt, Namibia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition to our regional work which supports an ecosystem of partners that work across the African continent.

Pivot country selection is based on: