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Shaping a climate resilient future. We bring together voices from across Africa, unified in their call for innovative solutions to climate challenges disproportionately affecting the continent. We advocate for Africa’s unique perspective and opportunities, highlighting the impact of collective action. Join us to hear the myriad voices shaping a resilient, sustainable future for Africa and to champion innovative, homegrown solutions to address the impacts of climate change. 

Francis Fick and Sekeotlane Phamodi

| The African Climate Foundation

In this episode, we explore the African Climate Foundation’s strategy for South Africa’s Just Energy Transition. We discuss how the ACF addresses the country’s unique challenges, engages stakeholders, and mobilizes resources. We also explore the New Economy Hub’s role in promoting social equity and resilience within the transition process, highlighting key initiatives and achievements.

Zira Quaghe

| The African Climate Foundation

In this episode, we explore the African Climate Foundation’s efforts in Nigeria. We’ll discuss the key partnerships ACF has formed, their most significant achievements in addressing climate issues, and their future goals for promoting sustainability in the region. Tune in to hear how ACF is making a difference and what’s next on the horizon for climate action in Nigeria.

Lamine Cisse

| The African Climate Foundation

In this episode, we focus on the African Climate Foundation’s strategic focus on Senegal. We explore why Senegal was chosen as a pivot country, the key partnerships driving climate action, and ACF’s significant achievements in the region. Looking ahead, we discuss the foundation’s goals and exciting upcoming projects that aim to make a lasting impact on sustainability and climate resilience in Senegal.

Sahele Fakede

| The African Climate Foundation

Join us for an exclusive look into the African Climate Foundation’s Energy Access and Transitions Programme. Discover how we’re shaping the continent’s energy landscape to drive sustainable development.

Yike Fu

| Development Reimagined

Join us as we explore the landscape of China-Africa climate cooperation in 2024, delving into innovative strategies, FOCAC 9 preparations, and the impactful partnership between the African Climate Foundation and Development Reimagined.

Florian Kroll

| DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Food Security

Dive into the heart of food systems evolution in Africa, exploring AFSTC’s mission driving positive change in Africa. Unearth key 2023 triumphs and unveil their roadmap, tackling challenges and seizing opportunities for a nourished future in 2024.

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