African Voices

Shaping a climate resilient future. In the lead up to COP28, we bring together voices from across Africa, unified in their call for innovative solutions to climate challenges disproportionately affecting the continent. We advocate for Africa’s unique perspective and opportunities, highlighting the impact of collective action. Join us to hear the myriad voices shaping a resilient, sustainable future for Africa and to champion innovative, homegrown solutions to address the impacts of climate change. 

Sekoetlane Phamodi

| New Economy Campaigns Hub

Join us as we unpack the New Economy Hub and delve into its short-term and long-term goals. Discover how it collaborates with movements, amplifies public narratives, and anticipates a transformative impact at COP, ushering in ‘New Narratives for a New Economy.’

Dhesigen Naidoo

| South African Presidential Climate Commission

Join us for an in-depth discussion on South Africa’s JETP and its potential impact on climate funding in Africa. Explore lessons learnt, adaptations for multiple nations, strategic objectives for COP28, and the utilisation of Africa’s resources to advocate for climate resilience on a continental scale.

Sandra Lowitt

| Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies

Delve into the development of the Just Transition Transaction Framework. Explore how this methodology meets Africa’s climate financing needs, tailoring solutions for diverse challenges. Discover its role in shaping global climate finance discussions at COP28 and the key objectives African nations should prioritise.

James Walsh

| Power-to-X

Join us as we explore the vision for COP28 and the critical changes required to address Africa’s climate challenges. Learn how the ideal COP can contribute to Africa’s sustainable future and the progress in scaling up renewable energy.

Rob Davies

| AfCFTA Trade and Industrial Development Advisory Council

Explore how the European Union’s CBAM and the United States’ Inflation Reduction Act impact Africa’s transition to a lower carbon economy. Discover opportunities, challenges, and strategies for sustainable development, and learn how African nations can advocate for their priorities in the context of a Global Green New Deal during events like COP28.

Sipho Kings

| The Continent

Discover why accurate climate reporting is crucial for COP28 and how it influences policy decisions and global climate policies, emphasising unique African stories and urgent climate challenges.

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