Event was held:

Financing the Just Transition in South Africa

Just Transition in South Africa requires substantial investment in areas of mitigation and adaptation. Estimates of these financial resource needs are being quantified by various institutions and are based on carbon budget assumptions, industrial pathway choices and ensuring that negative impacts on affected stakeholders are ameliorated. The panel will explore the possible sources of funding, the creative mechanisms through which this funding may be blended, structured and allocated for maximum catalytic impact. The JETP is showcased for its unique proposition and catalytic effect. The JET Investment Plan is showcased as an example of a country strategy to achieve a lower carbon economy and a climate resilient society.

This side  event will have panellists from the sectors that are critical to achieve a blended finance perspective, to achieve fit-for-purpose investment and funding for South Africa’s just transition, to 2030 and beyond, to meet the ambitious goals set out in the NDC and the Investment Plan, whilst ensuring that South Africa’s development goals are also achieved.

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