Africa’s Optimism for COP28

With only a few months until the UN’s annual climate summit, COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber released his plan of action during a meeting of governments in Brussels, which took place in July 2023. “We must be brutally honest about the gaps that need to be filled, the root causes and how we got to […]

What comes after COP27?

The recently concluded climate talks in Egypt took place against a difficult geopolitical backdrop, but could still deliver a significant deal of loss and damage. Yet, most parties at the talks agree that COP28 in the UAE will have to do better if the world is to avert a global climate crisis. Despite the disappointment […]

‘Loss and damage’ fund greatest leap at COP27 

Developed countries’ decision to agree to a ‘loss and damage’ fund for vulnerable nations has been hailed as a major success for COP27. But there was also disappointment that a more comprehensive climate deal was put on the back burner.   Parties reached an agreement early Sunday 20 November 2022 as the negotiations ran into overtime. […]

Critical to keep 1.5°C target alive in negotiations, COP27 hears

Anxiety is mounting about a watered-down text at COP27 that would revert to setting a 2°C rise instead of 1.5°C as a target for climate change. But delegates remain optimistic that there’s enough support for the 1.5°C target to keep it alive beyond this year’s climate talks.  Delegates from the NGO space called on negotiators […]

COP27: Renewable energy rollout – Africa should not be given pennies for dollars

A renewable energy rollout in Africa should spark industry within the continent, a high-level dialogue titled Enabling the Scaling Up of Renewable Energy in Africa heard at COP27. Proper development that comes with renewable energy will give African’s the future they deserve. The African Climate Foundation (ACF) co-hosted the dialogue with Bloomberg Philanthropies, ClimateWorks Foundation, […]

COP27: Senegal chases ambitious climate action, as it still looks to grow economy 

Senegal is on the cusp of huge climate decisions; the country has submitted one of the most ambitious climate plans as it battles the ramifications of climate change and eyes huge growth in its renewable sector.   The African Climate Foundation views Senegal as one of its pivot countries and has partnered with several organisations at […]

Philanthropies commit $500 million for an equitable energy transition  

A coalition of climate philanthropies this week announced an investment of $500 million over the next three years, to accelerate a just and equitable energy transition in low and middle-income countries; this while boosting sustainable development and creating new economic opportunities. Bloomberg Philanthropies and Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) were included in the list of […]

Money talks at COP27 

Money took a leading role at COP27 on the third day, after the appeals of leaders at the opening of the climate talks in Egypt. It was official Finance Day on 9 November and delegates debated the types of finance needed for the climate crisis, how to access it, and who should be providing it.   […]

South Africa’s ground-breaking climate deal must finance social justice

A just transition must unlock new economic activities in coal boom areas, such as Mpumalanga, to ensure South Africans are not displaced or financially burdened as the country made its green transition – a COP27 side event highlighted. Financing the Just Transition in South Africa, unpacked South Africa’s novel Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) and […]

Loss and damage not charity but justice, COP27 Hears 

The issue of loss and damage was once again topical as the week kicked off at COP27. Prominent climate delegates including a host of prime ministers and presidents spoke on whether rich countries should fund climate reparations in vulnerable countries. Several references were also made to the war in Ukraine and its impact on the […]