March 7, 2024

Just Energy Transition (JET) Roundtable Report

The February 2023 Investing in African Mining Indaba marked the start of a series of quarterly roundtable discussions between the mining sector and social partners, on the topic of the Just Energy Transition (JET).

While the series was initially spearheaded by Anglo American, the African Climate Foundation (ACF) and the Presidential Climate Commission (PCC), core partners now also include the Minerals Council South Africa (MINCOSA) and Sasol. These quarterly sessions aim to connect thought leaders, improve collaboration, support economic diversification and employment strategy coordination, enhance social partner participation in JET interventions and highlight JET-related opportunities for the mining sector. Roundtable sessions will converge annually at the Investing in African Mining Indaba, enabling reflection, a review of progress and the opportunity for partners to connect.

The second JET roundtable session took place on 23 June 2023, under the theme ‘Unlocking Finance Mechanisms for the Social Development and Livelihoods Components of South Africa’s JET’. Participants were reminded that, while South Africa’s energy crisis may be daunting, the JET Investment Plan (IP) represents the opportunity for partners to collaborate in problem solving, scaling generational capacity, creating new livelihoods and ensuring a just transition to a low carbon economy. Roundtable Session Two focused specifically on building a more comprehensive understanding of the financial challenges and opportunities associated with the JET, to identify innovative financing mechanisms, explore repurposing of existing funds and financing instruments, learn from international partners and identify/engage potential financing partners.

Key messages emerging related to themes such as skills development and the growth of future mining skills, community development and optimising localised value chain growth, and addressing regulatory and institutional investment barriers.

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