New Africa Renewable Energy Manufacturing Initiative to Unleash 1.2 Terawatts of RE, Create 14 Million Jobs and Increase GDP by over 6% by 2050

On 17 January 2023 during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), the African Climate Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, ClimateWorks Foundation and the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA) launched the Africa Renewable Energy Manufacturing Initiative (AREMI) to drive investment and mobilise action in African countries to scale up renewable energy manufacturing capabilities. With a […]

Shaping the Continent’s Energy Future while Navigating the New Scramble for Africa

Africa is increasingly becoming a geopolitical and geo-economic playground for powerful countries and blocks as they look to African resources to secure both their short and long-term energy security needs. This has been particularly evident in the past year, following the outbreak of conflict in Ukraine and the subsequent dash for African gas by European […]

Financing South Africa’s Just Energy Transition

The Just Energy Transition (JET) requires substantial quantities of new finance, continually, over a long period of time. Transitions could take 30 years for emerging markets (EMs) such as South Africa and estimates range on the investment needed for the country from R4tn to R8.5tn. It will be a steady pathway towards net zero over […]

Natural Gas In Africa Amid A Low-Carbon Energy Transition

Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, and Angola are already established gas producers, serving global and, in some cases, domestic markets. Others, including South Africa, Namibia Senegal, Mozambique, and Tanzania are classed as emergent producers, potentially seeking to grow their gas industries. The war in the Ukraine has contributed to supply constraints and price hikes on […]

Supporting Pre-COP27 Convenings: Nigeria’s National Dialogue on Energy Transition

It is critical that Nigeria and other African countries experience just energy transitions that takes into consideration the need to meet the huge energy gap on the continent, the National Dialogue on Energy Transition heard.   Presently Nigeria’s economy is centred around fossil fuels, with oil companies still playing a dominant role and gas resources also luring […]

Just Energy Transitions and Natural Gas in Africa

Africa is increasingly being viewed as an important player in the natural gas sector, with over 40 percent of global gas discoveries between 2011 and 2018 made on the continent. Mozambique and Tanzania alone accounted for 24 percent of global discoveries over this period. For mature LNG producers, like Algeria, Nigeria and Egypt, gas represents […]

Food Systems Transformation in Africa | Part 2

Food markets across the continent are failing African consumers, with malnutrition and broader food insecurity on the continent growing. Production and trading of key food commodities are highly concentrated within and across African countries. At consumer level, the ‘supermarketisation’ of food retail is shaping household choices through packaging, marketing, promotions and positioning on shelves. The […]

Towards an African Green Industries Value Chain within the AfCFTA

Regional integration has long been seen as a critical means of creating the scale required to underpin deep structural transformation in Africa. In the context of transitioning to low-carbon economies, the AfCFTA has the potential to support a continental green industrialisation agenda. This requires greater synthesis between programmes and projects seeking to promote climate resilience […]