Sustainable Energy Transitions for African Petroleum Producers

This paper evaluates the changing landscape and closing window of opportunity for African petro-states to take advantage of their gas resources caused by the growing global recognition of the urgent threat posed by climate change, as well as the short-term demand for gas in Europe due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Greater commitment to climate […]

Just Energy Transition (JET) Roundtable Report

The February 2023 Investing in African Mining Indaba marked the start of a series of quarterly roundtable discussions between the mining sector and social partners, on the topic of the Just Energy Transition (JET). While the series was initially spearheaded by Anglo American, the African Climate Foundation (ACF) and the Presidential Climate Commission (PCC), core […]

From Climate Risk to Resilience

Extensive work on adaptation, nationally, regionally and internationally (and across sectors) is being done and the climate and development imperative is well understood and endorsed. However, a chronic funding and implementation deficit persists. Africa needs a better “action” scenario that supports climate and economic resilience. This underscores the need for a more action-oriented approach to […]

JET Issues in Public Finance

This is the third paper in our series looking at scaling financing to support the just energy transition in South Africa, in partnership with Krutham (formerly Intellidex). While the first two – on capital markets developments required to achieve scale and the particular challenges of financing the social or “just” projects in the transition at […]

Navigating New Turbulences at the Nexus of Trade and Climate Change

The accelerating transition to a lower carbon economy, now well under way, is leading several of the developed country majors to introduce programmes and policies that amount to a significant departure from the trade policy playbook crafted during the era of hyperglobalisation. Although climate science is warning that we are still far from averting the […]

Senegal secures $2.7bn JETP funding

Senegal and the International Partners Group (IPG), comprising France, Germany, the EU, the UK and Canada, have announced a Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) – a deal that secures $2.7bn for Senegal’s efforts to achieve its transition to a low-carbon economy. Launched on 22 June at the Summit for a New Global Financing Pact in […]

Exploring Chinese Investment in Africa’s Critical Minerals Sector

In May 2023, President Felix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was in China to discuss overhauling mining contracts signed under his predecessor and wooing Chinese investment. The DRC is a country rich in critical minerals, including cobalt, copper, and lithium, essential for the global economy and various industries such as renewable energy, […]

ReNew2030: An Audacious Project Accelerating Renewable Energy for a Climate-Secure Future 

The African Climate Foundation is excited to introduce ReNew2030, a coalition of experts, civil society and philanthropic organisations that will receive funding through The Audacious Project to accelerate the global transition to wind and solar power over the next five years. Housed at TED, The Audacious Project is a collaborative funding initiative that catalyses social […]

Chinese Investments amid the Energy Crises and Mineral Treasures in Zimbabwe

In this policy brief series, we explore various cases in Zimbabwe, Egypt and Ethiopia, among other African countries, on how renewable energy activities are developed related to the exploitation of critical transitional minerals, nurturing an energy storage sector, or supporting the much-needed reforms in the power sector. We identify the role of Chinese financiers and […]